Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Junebug (2005)

Such a great movie, exploring themes like the "outsider" among regular "folks," as well as contrasting images of urban and rural American culture.  Oh yea, some (darkly) funny moments, as well  Definitely worth watching.

Plot Summary:

Successfull Carolinian George Johnsten meets Chicago art gallery holder Madeleine
at an electoral benefit art auction- love at first sight. Madeleine decides to meet a 
Southern original artist, so George seizes the opportunity to come along and present 
her to his South Carolina parents Eugene and Peg, drop-out brother Johhny and his 
high-pregnant wife Ashly. Confronting the outsider soon opens a can of worms as 
emotions revive or emerge, like admiration and jealousy.
-Summary by KGF Vissers (IMDb)

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