Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The Kids Are All Right"

It seems like all us jaded vets, hipper than thou, old curmudgeons are always lamenting what today's (no matter the generation) kids are listening too. Of course, the majority of what passes as "pop" music warrants our scornful disdain, but let's not throw out the babies (pun sort-of intended) with the bathwater!

Here's a glimpse at the next generation of great artists.

Sarah Jarosz, Sam Grisman (son of the great David Grisman and part of The Deadly Gentlemen), and Alex Hargreaves:

I mean, really, a 19-year old girl covering Tom Waits (and nailing it!)

Wade Darnell:

Check out Wade Darnell's YouTube Channel to how far this great talent has progressed since the previous video was shot. Pretty sure Tony Trishka and Bela Fleck have successfully made their mark on the next great banjo virtuoso!

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